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June 2014 Archives

Rap lyrics used as evidence in trial for alleged gang shooting

A New York man is facing murder charges for an incident that involved a rival gang shooting. Rap lyrics that the man wrote from his life experiences are now being used as evidence against him. U.S. courts are struggling with whether or not they consider rap lyrics to be admissible at trial. Eighteen cases have been tried in which prosecutors attempted to introduce these lyrics as evidence with 80 percent of them successful.

New York man charged at state, federal levels with forgery

Getting charged with a crime at the federal level often means higher potential penalties than charges at the state level. Some crimes, such as tax evasion, are the exclusive jurisdiction of federal law, while others, such as drug crimes, can be prosecuted at either level.

Nassau teacher charged with drug possession after traffic stop

A Nassau County high school teacher is facing criminal charges, and the possible loss of her job, after police claim to have found drugs in her vehicle during a traffic stop. She was charged with a seventh-degree misdemeanor after police say there was a bag of heroin in her car.

DWI charges dropped against Long Island woman after review

First impressions can be deceiving. We know this is true in general. It can even be the case when police suspect a motorist is driving under the influence. Evidence that may seem to indicate DWI could actually be explained by health problems or something else.

Long Island woman arrested on gun charge after traffic stop

It is fairly well known that New York has some of the toughest gun laws in the country. This means that a person can be arrested in Nassau County on weapons charges for traffic violations and driving in a way police deem “suspicious.”

Nassau County looking to make more DWI arrests

Officials in Nassau County, reacting to reports that the number of arrests on suspicion of drinking and driving has gone down in recent years, are redoubling their efforts to make as many such arrests as possible. They are reviving the Selective Enforcement Team (SET), a unit that specifically looks for suspected drunk drivers, using patrols of checkpoints so-called DWI “hot spots.”