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Man Charged in New York Credit Card Fraud Case


A 38-year-old man from Bayside, Queens, was taken into custody on Aug. 7 in connection with fraudulent credit card and counterfeit document use. A Westbury hotel reportedly experienced losses of $18,000 due to the man’s presentation of fraudulent cards in payment during his time staying at the premises. Payments were eventually declined by the credit card company. Authorities indicate the man rented another room in East Garden City where a search was reportedly made with his consent. The search allegedly turned up several identifications and credit cards that were fraudulent as well as counterfeit driver’s licenses. He was also allegedly in possession of equipment and materials needed for the production of such documents.

Formal charges filed against the man include possession of a forgery device along with five counts for possession of forged instruments. A 3rd degree grand larceny charge is also faced in connection with these alleged white collar crimes. Arraignment was scheduled for August 8.

Although reports do not indicate whether the man involved has retained legal counsel, a lawyer may be helpful in assisting with the defense in a similar case. Some issues that may be of particular interest might include the search and other activities leading up to and resulting in detention. In some cases, charges might be dismissed due to improper search and seizure or other civil rights violations.

A lawyer may advise a client to consider a plea deal if the evidence appears compelling. However, a defendant also has the right to go to trial and present their side of the story if plea options are not agreeable or if it is believed that the prosecution cannot prove guilt.

Source: Long Island Exchange, “Queens man arrested in Garden City on credit card fraud charges“, August 08, 2014