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Alleged Music Festival “Molly” Dealer Charged


A 23-year-old New York man who was accused of selling the drug “Molly” to an Electric Zoo music festival concertgoer who died from an overdose in 2013 was charged on July 29. According to the report, the man was accused of selling approximately 80 pills to three people at the event, including the person who died. It was stated that the pills were a combination of Molly and methylone.

The authorities stated that the 23-year-old concert attendee took an unknown number of the pills and then collapsed and suffered a seizure. He was taken to a nearby hospital very early on Aug. 31, 2013. According to the report, he was unresponsive and had a fever of 108 degrees. Another person attending the event also died from an overdose.

The man accused of selling the Molly pills to the decedent was charged with drug trafficking and conspiracy. According to one report, Molly is a slang term for MDMA, or Ecstasy when in pill form. When selling the drug, dealers may tell their clients that the pills are pure MDMA; however, other harmful drugs may be added to them.

Those who are facing drug charges, such as drug trafficking, are likely to face serious consequences if they are convicted. These can include jail sentences, long probation periods and hefty fines. Depending upon the specifics of a case, a criminal defense attorney could provide evidence that the accused person was not the individual who was involved in the alleged crime. If the prosecution is basing its case on evidence that the police seized illegally, the attorney could move to have the evidence suppressed and the charges dismissed.

Source: USA Today , “Death at Electric Zoo music fest brings drug charges“, Donna Leinwand Leger, July 30, 2014