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New York Man Faces Multiple Drug Charges


Law enforcement officials took a 54-year-old man from Elizabethtown into custody for the second time since June on drug-related charges, according to authorities. On July 31, New York State police executed an arrest warrant on the man, who was already incarcerated in Essex County Jail, for allegedly possessing and selling heroin. Authorities said the warrant resulted from an investigation coordinated between state police and the Essex County Sheriff’s Office. Consequently, the 54-year-old man is facing charges of possession of a controlled substance and sale of a controlled substance.

On June 3, law enforcement officials reportedly found the 54-year-old man with marijuana and 15 bags of heroin after a traffic stop on Route 9N. Police took the man into custody for drug-related charges as well as DWAI-drugs.

If convicted on the drug charges, the 54-year-old man in this case may face significant consequences, including a lengthy imprisonment and a substantial period of probation. Because the state of New York takes a serious approach toward prosecuting drug-related offenses, accused individuals must mount a commensurately serious defense against the charges if they are to avoid the penalties that accompany a conviction.

The first step toward mounting an effectual defense is to retain a criminal defense attorney. They lawyer may review the entirety of the case, both its facts and its circumstances, and ascertain whether law enforcement officials acted in a way that is consistent with the requirements set forth by the Constitution of the United States. For instance, the lawyer may challenge whether police had probable cause for any search and seizure that might have taken place. If officials cannot produce a valid and articulated reason for either searching an accused individual or seizing that person’s property, the defense attorney may cite that failure while arguing for the drug charges to be reduced or even dismissed altogether.

Source: WPTZ, “Man facing more drug charges“, August 01, 2014