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New York doctor facing drug charges for painkiller distribution


A doctor from Long Island is facing drug charges after an investigation found that he was illegally distributing painkillers. Law enforcement officials claim that many of the recipients of these drugs did not need them for medicinal purposes, which led to drug charges for the New York doctor. Across the country, both federal and state agencies are trying to curtail the illegal use of painkillers by targeting the doctors who supposedly prescribe these medications.

Federal and New York officials claim that this particular doctor wrote hundreds of prescriptions for patients who did not need them. These prescriptions were for drugs such as oxycodone, methadone, and other medications that have addictive tendencies. According to a statement from the Drug Enforcement Agency, the crackdown on these types of incidents is part of an effort to stop the rising number of painkiller and drug-related overdoses and deaths.

It is not immediately obvious what led the law enforcement officers to this particular doctor, but a representative for the man says that he was shocked and surprised by these charges. He has announced plans to fight these charges in court. It is important to note that the doctor has not been convicted of any crimes, which means he is currently considered innocent in the eyes of the law.

Because he intends to fight these drug charges, it would be beneficial for him to begin with a complete evaluation of the entire case, including the evidence that is brought against him. While stopping illegal drug use is important, police investigation and arrests are not immune to error and impropriety. It is within the rights of the defendant to take advantage of every legal avenue to build a proper defense.