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Substitute teacher and local EMT facing drug charges


A substitute teacher in the Brooklyn area of New York is facing drug charges after an investigation. The same investigation led law enforcement to suspect another individual, a local EMT in the area. He was arrested and is now facing drug charges as well. Police claim that the two defendants were selling drugs and buying their supplies from the same dealer.

The teacher came under suspicion after complaints were filed about her behavior in the classroom. While the nature of the supposed issues is not specifically indicated, she is accused of appearing to be on drugs while in the classroom. Simply behaving in a certain manner is not enough to prove that an individual is guilty of a crime, and even after the complaints, it is not clear if the school system administered a drug test. The school system claims that she had not been a substitute teacher for very long.

Police were led to the local New York EMT during the course of their investigation of the teacher. It is believed that they were connected to the same dealer, but this accusation would need to be validated by indisputable evidence. Officially, the two individuals are charged with possession of drugs, intent to distribute and criminal sale of a controlled substance. The drugs mentioned include suboxone and heroin.

These two individuals are facing serious drug charges, which could bring severe penalties if they are convicted. However, they have not yet been convicted of any crimes. The prosecution would have to present indisputable evidence in order to obtain a conviction, and the defendants have the right to challenge any evidence brought against them.