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NBA Player Facing Felony Drug Possession Charges


Basketball fans in New York may be familiar with the NBA star Mike Scott, who averaged 7.8 points per game for the Atlanta Hawks during the 2014-15 NBA season. The 27-year-old forward recently completed his third season with Atlanta, but his future with the Hawks may be in doubt as he was taken into custody by a Georgia sheriff’s office following a traffic stop on July 30.

According to a police report, an SUV that Scott was riding in was signaled to pull over after deputies say they saw it following another vehicle too closely on Interstate 85 north of Atlanta. The SUV allegedly traveled approximately two miles and reached speeds of up to 98 mph before pulling over as directed. Deputies say that Scott’s 20-year-old brother was driving the SUV.

Authorities discovered marijuana weighing more than an ounce along with approximately 11 grams of MDNA when they conducted a search of the SUV. MDNA, which is also known as Molly, is a schedule I drug. Scott was subsequently charged with two felony drug possession charges. While the Atlanta Hawks did not immediately comment about the incident, a Virginia community center showed no such reservations as they acted quickly to cancel a youth basketball camp that Scott was scheduled to host on August 1.

Law enforcement officers must have probable cause to carry out a vehicle stop or search. A criminal defense attorney may have a number of questions when presented with a case such as this one. If police are unable to point to evidence that indicated the likely presence of drugs, a defense attorney could claim that the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution had been violated and that drug charges should be dismissed.

Source: USA Today, “Hawks forward Mike Scott arrested on drug charges,” July 31, 2015