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In New York Criminal Cases, a Plea Bargain May Be the Best Option


Being charged with a crime in Nassau County can be a daunting experience. The accused party may be given the choice of asking for a plea bargain instead of pleading not guilty and taking the case to trial. Knowing what is involved in each option and how it will affect the outcome is important.

There are advantages and disadvantages to choosing a plea bargain. Criminal defense attorneys may suggest negotiating a plea deal on the basis that the client could spend less time in jail than they would if convicted of the original charge, have less impact on the criminal record with lesser charges and take less time to complete. A jury trial can be more time consuming for the attorney, meaning a more expensive legal defense bill.

When an accused party wishes to strike a plea bargain with the court, the prosecuting attorney and the judge must approve the request. A prosecuting attorney may be likely to accept a plea bargain from a defendant on the basis of time management. They are also assured of a conviction, whereas a jury trial can go either way. Trial judges often prefer plea bargains as the reduction in number of jury trials helps to keep the courtrooms less congested. They also realize that prisons are crowded and plea deals for lesser charges may allow them to order less time served for the defendant if accused.

Being involved in an alleged crime can have serious consequences. In most cases, scheduling an appointment to see a criminal defense lawyer may help with difficult choices that must be made.