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Penalties for Alleged Speeding in New York


Driving is a privilege enjoyed by many New Yorkers but it is also a necessity for those who must use their personal cars to get their kids to school, take themselves to work and travel to the shops and stores where they buy the goods their families need each and every day. The threat of losing one’s driving privileges due to alleged speeding can be a devastating blow to a person who relies on their ability to operate a motor vehicle. In many cases it is advisable for a person facing speeding charges to challenge the allegations brought against them as the penalties associated with speeding convictions can be significant.

A person who is alleged to be speeding not greater than 10 miles per hour over the speed limit may be fined up to $150 and may be required to spend up to 15 days in jail for their alleged criminal act. They may also receive three points on their license; points accumulate and if a driver reaches the threshold limit their driving privileges may be suspended.

A driver who is alleged to have been speeding between 10 miles per hour over the limit but not over 30 miles per hour over the limit may face more severe penalties. Their fines may reach up to $300 and their potential jail time may rise to no more than 30 days.

Speeding can be a serious legal matter that can cost a person their freedom. Traffic offense attorneys are often good sources of information for those who want to understand their legal rights for challenging the speeding allegations that law enforcement officials have lodged against them.