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September 2013 Archives

FBI report suggests troubling marijuana arrest statistics

Despite the growing acceptance of marijuana use, authorities are just as determined as ever to arrest, charge and convict people of unlawful use or possession. And according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, police are arresting a person for a marijuana-related offense once every 48 seconds in the U.S. That means that someone's freedom, future and career are put in jeopardy every single minute.

300 teens allegedly trash New York home of ex-NFL player

People in New York generally know that teenagers make mistakes and get into trouble. They are bigger risk-takers than adults and can be more affected by peer pressure than older people. They are also at an age where they may just want to rebel from their parents and assert their independence.

New York laws not keeping up with technology

Most people know that technology can change in the blink of an eye. By the time people can grasp new capabilities of technology, it has often changed and gotten faster or better. In general, people think these advancements are positive. However, they are creating quite a tricky situation for people who are accused of computer crimes and identity theft in New York.