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Police Lack Good Humor in Ice Cream Truck Drug Case


Prosecutors claimed that a man driving an ice cream truck in Brooklyn was selling more than pushups and drumsticks. The drug crime charges against the truck driver came after he allegedly sold cocaine to an undercover cop he met in a local deli. Authorities said he also offered to acquire oxycodone pills for the officer at a later date.

The ice cream man was alleged to have sold 13 grams of cocaine to the undercover officer for $895, and to promise to sell him another 15 grams later. The officer said that he followed the individual to his truck and asked for a vanilla cone. At this point, he was allegedly given the drugs. A Brooklyn district attorney said that the man had been selling drugs just a few feet away from where children bought cold treats from the truck.

The man was not believed to have been employing any verbal subterfuge with the undercover officer, prosecutors said. They added that apparently the word vanilla really did mean vanilla ice cream, and the word sprinkles really did refer to sprinkles that go on ice cream. When the officer asked for a vanilla cone during their alleged drug transaction, he did in fact receive a vanilla ice cream cone along with the supposed drugs placed in his hat. When the ice cream seller was taken into custody, police seized both his ice cream truck and his personal vehicle.

Being taken into custody on drug charges such as intent to distribute or drug trafficking can have serious consequences. An attorney experienced in defending individuals accused of drug offenses may be able to help them negotiate a plea bargain in exchange for reduced charges and lesser penalties, among other assistance.

Source: CBS New York, “Brooklyn Ice Cream Truck Driver Accused Of Selling Drugs From Truck“, August 06, 2013

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