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Former Senator Espada Convicted of Embezzlement


Even the most powerful can get charged for white-collar crimes, and the prison sentence isn’t always just a slap on the wrist.  Former New York Senator Pedro Espada Jr., for example, has just been sentenced to five years in prison for supposed embezzlement.  He had been facing a sentence of as much as 87 months.

The former Senator has been accused of embezzling funds from a Bronx clinic network that he reportedly operated.  The judge seemed somewhat sympathetic to the legislator’s plight in that he did reference the “good deeds” that the accused man had performed in the past on behalf of the poor.  Nevertheless, he was also ordered to pay back $118,531 because it is also claimed that he concealed the money he had received when reporting his taxes.

Though many individuals charged with these sorts of crimes have tremendous financial resources, money that was accumulated can quickly diminish to the point where nothing is left if a sentence is imposed. Unfortunately, families of those charged often suffer as well.

Timing is always important. Anytime someone is charged of a white collar crime, they should contact a criminal defense attorney at their earliest possible convenience. Those charged with white collar crimes often see their lives spiraling out of control. The temptation is to conceal any possible wrongdoing, but the concealment can lead to other sorts of penalties. Attorneys can sometimes prevent such a process from occurring and provide alternative courses of actions that may at least lead to a lessening of charges.

Source: Bloomberg, “Ex-N.Y. Senator Espada Gets Five Years for Embezzlement,” by Christie Smythe, June 14, 2013

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