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New Crackdown on Synthetic Marijuana


New York residents might benefit from understanding more about why Boston took the initiative to ban synthetic marijuana throughout the municipality. The city-wide ban on purchasing, selling or using synthetic marijuana, otherwise known as “Spice” or “K2”, was inspired by the alarming number of deaths the substance has been linked to across the country.

This new substance is not made of marijuana, but is comprised of plant materials mixed together and treated with a combination of chemicals designed to produce a similar sensation as THC. However, medical professionals claim that this drug makes users behave more erratically, and that it is more potent than marijuana. In June, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a warning that the number overdoses and deaths caused by this substance had begun to increase recently.

During 2012, the federal government attempted to ban the substance, but manufacturers have successfully tweaked the process in order to circumvent the new restrictions. The new Boston legislature gives law enforcement the authority to penalize the sale and possession of the synthetic compounds currently available or any that may be produced in the future. The sale, distribution or possession of the substance will now be penalized with a $300 fine. The synthetic substance is often made available at convenience stores and gas stations.

Anyone faced with serious drug charges might benefit from seeking a criminal defense lawyer. A qualified attorney may be able to prepare a defense for the accused. In order to get charges dismissed or reduced, lawyers typically need to review witness statements and the police report for any evidence that could help exonerate the accused. Otherwise, lawyers usually focus on a discrepancy or weakness in the prosecution’s case in order to try and obtain a plea agreement or lesser sentence.