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Traffic Stop Leads to Drug Charges Against Two New York Men


Arrests in New York based on alleged drug crimes are often made in conjunction with other alleged criminal activity. For example, when law enforcement officials pull a driver over for allegedly speeding or another alleged traffic violation they may discover alleged drugs or paraphernalia in that driver’s possession. What might have been a simple ticket may become a serious criminal matter for a person who is believed to be in possession of drugs and other illicit materials.

This is what happened to two New York men who were in a vehicle traveling on Interstate 84. The driver was allegedly violating traffic laws and was pulled over by state troopers. Upon approaching the vehicle and the driver, the troopers reported smelling marijuana and therefore executed a search of the vehicle’s occupants.

The driver was allegedly found to have marijuana and controlled substances in his possession while his passenger was allegedly found with marijuana under his control. Both men were charged with multiple drug crimes, some of which were felonies. All of the misdemeanor and felony charges carry with them significant penalties for individuals who are convicted of them.

Drug charges are serious and can impact the course of a person’s entire life. There are ways for New Yorkers to challenge their charges and to prepare defense strategies that attack the claims made by law enforcement officials and the prosecutors who take up their cases. Making sure one understands the laws of the state can be an important part of protecting one’s rights and building a case against the charges lodged against them.

Source:, “Fitchburg man charged in New York drug bust“, April 26, 2018