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How to defend yourself from a theft charge

If you have been accused of theft in New York, it is important that you do not take such an accusation lightly. Being charged with any type of theft can have far-reaching consequences for your future, so you must defend yourself appropriately according to the situation.

There are many options at your disposal when it comes to defending yourself against a theft accusation. You should make sure to reflect on your individual situation and develop your side of the story so that it can be easily understood and interpreted by the courts. You should also take the time to learn the legally permissible forms of defense against a theft charge.

Return of property

If you returned the property that you were accused of stealing, this can help you in your defense. While it might not lead to theĀ complete dismissal of charges, it can help you to be perceived better in the eyes of the courts.

Claim of right

You may have taken the property in question because you had a reason to believe that it was in fact yours. This could be true in a situation where you genuinely believed a particular item originally belonged to you. Alternatively, you may have argued that a person owed you money and as a result took an item in order to compensate for this.

If you are facingĀ theft charges in New York, you should think about the course of events that led up to the incident, and from there you should be able to establish a good response to the incident with the help of an attorney.