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May 2014 Archives

Substitute teacher and local EMT facing drug charges

A substitute teacher in the Brooklyn area of New York is facing drug charges after an investigation. The same investigation led law enforcement to suspect another individual, a local EMT in the area. He was arrested and is now facing drug charges as well. Police claim that the two defendants were selling drugs and buying their supply from the same dealer.

New York doctor facing drug charges for painkiller distribution

A doctor from Long Island is facing drug charges after an investigation found that he was illegally distributing painkillers. Law enforcement officials claim that many of the recipients of these drugs did not need them for medicinal purposes, which led to drug charges for the New York doctor. Across the country, both federal and state agencies are trying to curtail the illegal use of painkillers by targeting the doctors who supposedly prescribe these medications.

Ex-Nassau police officer pleads guilty to misconduct

Residents of Nassau County are expected to follow the law, or risk arrest and conviction. Those who enforce the law are supposed to follow the rules, too. Laws exist to restrict the ability of the police to abuse their authority, through random searches and other things forbidden by the Bill of Rights. This helps try to maintain a balance between the power of the government and our right to a criminal defense.

Charges dropped against man accusing Nassau police of brutality

Even as union leadership defend the actions of two Nassau County police officers accused of beating a suspect in April, prosecutors have dropped all charges against the suspect. The exonerated man, 20, is glad not to be facing charges for marijuana possession and other crimes. However, he suffered several broken bones in his face, and is pushing for criminal charges against the officers.

Leading economists: Time to declare ceasefire in war on drugs

Throughout the country, drug offenses are taken very seriously by state and federal law enforcement officials. In fact, marijuana is considered a Schedule I drug -- the most serious of classifications -- by federal law enforcement. As a result of this, a person who is struck with federal marijuana possession charges could spend time behind bars.

Arson suspect acquitted after 4 minutes of deliberation

It took jurors just four minutes to find the defendant in an arson case not guilty recently. With the evidence apparently so one-sided, one wonders why prosecutors continued to pursue the charges against the man, who was accused by his ex-girlfriend.

New York teacher charged with embezzling class funds

A New York state teacher has been accused of embezzling more than $10,000 from a fund to pay for the school’s graduation ceremonies in 2015. As is often the case when people are charged with a white collar crime, the defendant’s career as an educator could be in jeopardy.

Long Island man accused of stealing chlorine found not guilty

Things are not always as they seem, and if police do not carefully investigate a supposed crime, an innocent person might have to deal with criminal charges. That seems to have been the case with a Nassau County man who recently was found not guilty of stealing chlorine from his workplace. The jury found that the man never took the chlorine away from the sewage treatment plant where he worked, and was just moving it within the facility.

Nassau County cops accused of brutality against drug crime suspect

Police brutality is a concern for anybody who wants a just, civil society. Officers do need to use force sometimes, but when they needlessly beat or injure a suspect, they violate their duty to protect the public.

2 Long Island men charged with felony DWI under 'Leandra's Law'

Some people in Nassau County may not be aware of a state law called Leandra’s Law. That statute elevates the charges related to alleged drinking and driving if a child was inside the suspect’s car at the time of his or her arrest. Two men arrested on suspicion of DWI recently could face these elevated charges.